Wednesday, September 02, 2009

MA Sierra Club Announces Municipal Race Endorsees

MA Sierra Club Announces Municipal Race Endorsees
Endorsements in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Watertown, Saugus, Springfield

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Sierra Club announced their list of endorsed candidates for municipal races across the state. After asking candidates to fill out questionnaires, speaking with the Sierra Club and extensive independent research, the Sierra Club has endorsed candidates who will further the work of protecting the environment, support better transportation options, reduce global warming emissions, increase recycling and help push Massachusetts forward into the new “Green” economy.

Announcing their endorsement of environmental leaders the Sierra Club hopes both to promote these legislators visibility with a ‘stamp of approval’ as well as encourage other legislators, to step up their efforts and do even more to protect citizens’ health, safety and the Commonwealth’s natural resources.

“Many of us focus on environmental action at the state or federal level,” said Phil Sego, Chair of the MA Sierra Club Political Committee. “This is, of course, vital, but recent history shows us that municipalities can and do lead the way on many critical environmental actions.”

“Increasingly municipal candidates are speaking more and more knowledgeably about environmental issues in their communities,” said Sego. “This is by no means a complete list of environmentalists running for office in Massachusetts. These are, however, some of the candidates that are leading the way on important issues in this new “green” economy.”

The Sierra Club has endorsed candidates in Cambridge, Watertown, Somerville and Boston. More municipal endorsements are likely in the weeks to come, including endorsements in Springfield and Saugus.

(revised 10/1/09)

Boston City Council at Large
Stephen J Murphy
John R Connolly
Ayanna Pressley
Felix Arroyo
Andrew Kenneally
Tito Jackson
Tomas Gonzalez

Boston City Council District 8:
Michael Ross

Boston City Council District 9:
Mark Ciommo

Cambridge City Council
Henrietta Davis
Marjorie Decker (write-in candidate)
Craig Kelley
Sam Seidel
Denise Simmons
Timothy Toomey, Jr.
Minka vanBeuzekom

Saugus Board of Selectmen
Michael Kelleher
Sean Maltais

Somerville Board of Aldermen
Rebekah Gewirtz

Springfield City Council Ward 2
Michael Fenton

Springfield City Council Ward 6
Amaad Rivera

Councilor at Large: Susan Falkoff
Council President: Mark Sideris
Councilor District-C: Vincent Piccirilli

The Sierra Club, noted for their high-profile national positions, is also deeply rooted in local, regional, and statewide issues. Their endorsement process includes in-depth research and careful analysis of a questionnaire designed specifically to address local environmental issues. The Club’s endorsement is then communicated to its members, which currently number greater than 25,000 statewide.

The Sierra Club is the nation's oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization dedicated to the preservation, protection, and exploration of the earth’s natural environment. For a complete listing of Sierra Club political endorsements, please visit and click the “politics & issues” link on the left.

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